The Founders:
Stephen is a savvy businessman who moved from Nigeria to the United States for a more prosperous life. When he and Francesca met, she was working for the local theme parks in Orlando, Florida as a hotel concierge and a florist for events & weddings. She was inspired by the independent life Stephen led from working for himself and wanted to forge the same path for herself. Together they moved to Texas, Francesca's home state, and found a niche they could both thrive in: floral preservation. Their medium being resin art. When they combined their talents and work ethic to pursue their best, their company, Francesca's Element LLC exploded in a matter of months. After much trial & error and perfecting these new skills, they have accrued over $500,000 in revenue their first year, have their own studio with a team of 10, and the show now runs itself. 

Through this experience, they found that the only way to learn this craft was through blood, sweat, and tears... and money. It took months of hard work, researching YouTube videos, and too many mistakes to count to fully grasp this art form as no one was teaching it. They spent tens of thousands in one month on just fixing mistakes alone. Their mission is not only to preserve treasured memories for their clients, but to make sure other resin artists who want to forge their own paths into financial freedom, can do so without sacrificing the blood, sweat, and tears they went through themselves. Now they're giving other resin artists the opportunity to build a successful resin art business using the same proven strategy they use to grow their business. Learn from someone who's done it already.


We help resin artists, or those who want to be, make up to $10k+ per month. This service is for those who want to learn how to take this medium to new heights and make it your full time income.



At this point, you're looking to get to know us to see if we can help you take your resin art business full time, bringing in up to $10k+ per month. We prefer chatting because it's the best way for us to connect with you and choose who we want to work with.

Complete Form

Prior to our chat, we strongly recommend you fill out this form so we can give you the absolute best advice to get you to your goal. Don't be afraid to go into detail because if we are to help you go from zero to full time income within 90 days of launching, we need to have all the information to best help you.

Pre-Trial Program

Because we value results over anything, we've decided to give our potential clients free access to the first stage of our program before making any decision to work with us. With this, you can see how we can help you make $10k per month with your resin art business using the same formula that got us our half a million dollar resin art business. You can also see our guarantee. 

Beginning Program Call

This is the most important part of the entire process. At this stage you know who we are and we know a bit about you. On this call, we're coming up with a game plan on how we can get your business to start making up to $10k+ per month within the next 90 days of launching. We'll talk about whether or not we can get you to the income goal you're looking for and if you're ready to move forward with us. At the end of the call, we should have a clear plan to begin the program where we will be with you every step of the way to ensure success.
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